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Digital Projects Prioritization Criteria

last modified 2008-01-06

As part of planning efforts related to the integration of digital library services, the Sheridan Libraries' Executive Committee created a list of criteria to prioritize resource allocation for digital projects.

The members of the Executive Committee are Winston Tabb, Dean of Libraries and Sheridan Director, Sayeed Choudhury, Associate Director for Library Digital Programs and Hodson Director of the Digital Research and Curation Center, Deborah Slinguff, Associate Director for Library Services, and Ken Flower, Associate Director for Operations.

The criteria list is intended for use when considering both existing and future digital projects, but is not exhaustive of additional or alternative priority criteria that might be applied. The top ten criteria (in order of importance) for prioritizing digital projects are as follows:

  1. Support for Hopkins research
  2. Support for Hopkins faculty or community
  3. Support for Hopkins teaching
  4. Support of School priorities
  5. Uniqueness of material
  6. Enhancing collection's profile
  7. Existing funding commitments
  8. Preservation needs
  9. Ability to attract new funding
  10. Potential for collaboration
The larger list of criteria, based on findings from strategic planning exercises and brainstorming during a planning meeting, included the following (not in rank order):
  • Faculty and community support
  • Scholarly significance
  • Enhancing the collection's profile
  • Project visibility
  • Available skills
  • Existing funding commitments
  • Ability to attract additional / new funding
  • Revenue generation - publishing - sales
  • Support of research
  • Public relations
  • Support of teaching
  • Support with school priorities/ support of University programs
  • Breadth of impact
  • Attracting faculty
  • Preservation needs
  • Uniqueness of material
  • Potential for collaboration
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