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last modified 2008-01-06

The LDP documents section features project information including proposals, reports, presentations and press releases.

AIHT Proposal
Accepted grant proposal narrative for the Archive Ingest Handling Test (project begun February 2004)
Documents AIHT Press Release (7/04)
In a project to test the best methods and strategies for long-term preservation of important digital collections, the Sheridan Libraries of The Johns Hopkins University are participating in a $1 million Library of Congress project called the Archive Ingest and Handling Test. Along with Harvard, Stanford and Old Dominion universities, researchers at the Digital Research and Curation Center at Johns Hopkins will work with a massive collection of images, e-mail messages, Web pages, chat logs and the like focused on the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks on the United States...
Documents CAPM Cost Analysis
Authored by Mark Lorie, JHU graduate student, this document provides an analysis of the cost of implementing CAPM. The approach and the basic assumptions used in this analysis as well as the costs for implementing the system at JHU and in general are categorized and explained. Some of the risks associated with the implementation of CAPM are explored.
Documents CAPM: Successful Proposal to the Mellon Foundation for First Phase
The first phase of the CAPM project ended in 2002.
Documents CAPM User Benefits Study
This report summarizes preliminary findings of the CAPM User Benefit Study. The primary objective of the CAPM User Benefit Study is to estimate user’s preferences for the CAPM system services. Estimated preferences can be used to estimate dollar values for the CAPM system services. Based on preliminary analysis, a reasonable estimate of the average willingness to pay per semester for a basic CAPM system is approximately $63. A secondary goal is to assess the capacity of multi-attribute stated preference methods in evaluating library services in general. Based on the research findings, the research team feels this method is well suited for the analysis of library services.
Documents A Data Capture Framework and Testbed for Cultural Heritage Materials: NSF Proposal
The proposed research will result in a fully automated robotic system for on-demand and batch scanning of print materials (“CAPM”) and an open-source software framework for document analysis that can be trained and calibrated by humanists (“GAMERA”). The resulting system will include an inter-linked mechanism between CAPM and GAMERA. To evaluate different techniques for document analysis, including GAMERA, we will build a testbed of digital images. The project team features an international multidisciplinary team of humanities faculty and post-docs, librarians, a usability specialist, and interdisciplinary digital library researchers. The personnel represent JHU, Tufts University, Edinburgh University, and the University of Oxford. Additionally, the British Library has agreed to provide resources for this project.
Documents Digital Audio Archives Project (DAAP) Statement of Work (10-04)
A timeline with tasks for both the Indiana University and JHU project teams.
Documents Digital Projects Prioritization Criteria
As part of planning efforts related to the integration of digital library services, the Sheridan Libraries' Executive Committee created a list of criteria to prioritize resource allocation for digital projects.
Documents LDP Update 1: May 05
In the first of regular LDP Update meetings for all Sheridan Libraries Staff, the new LDP web site was presented in May 2005 as an informational and communications tool regarding our projects. These notes from the presentation discuss LDP activities, and provide an overview of web site resources.
Documents LDP Update 2: Usability Services Presentation NOTES
Notes resulting from Teal Anderson's June 16, 2005 presentation to Sheridan Libraries staff members about past, present and future Usability Services activities.
Documents Portal Functional Requirements Group Meeting (4-04)
The portal functional requirements group objective for this meeting was to define the appropriate audience and specifications for a University-wide portal implementation.
Documents Services for a Customizable Authority Linking Environment (SCALE): NSF Proposal
With Tufts University digital library researchers, the Digital Research and Curation Center will provide National Science Digital Library users with automatic linking services that bind key words and phrases to supplementary information and infrastructure to support automatic linking based on authority control of names and terms in thesauri, glossaries, encyclopedias, subject hierarchies, and object catalogs.
Documents A Technology Analysis of Repositories and Services (Mellon)
The successful proposal to the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation that describes our approach for evaluating digital library systems.
Documents A Technology Analysis of Repositories and Services: CNI Spring 2005 Presentation
This is an annotated version of the presentation "A Technology Analysis of Repositories and Services" given by Sayeed Choudhury and Jim Martino at the CNI Spring 2005 Task Force Meeting in Washington DC on April 5 2005.
Documents A Technology Analysis of Repositories & Services: DLF Spring 2005 Forum Presentation
This is a PDF version of the Powerpoint presentation given by Sayeed Choudhury and Tim DiLauro at the DLF Spring 2005 Forum in San Diego, CA on Tuesday, April 12, 2005. It outlines our approach and motivation for the project.
Documents Usability Services: ARTstor Usability Evaluation (Presentation)
Presented at the E-Learn 2004 conference by Teal Anderson and Jacquelyn Gourley, this presentation describes the usability evaluation process, including task-based testing, analysis and recommendations.
Documents Usability Services: An Introduction to Usability
Slides for a guest lecture by Teal Anderson on usability for Nancy Roderer's course on systems evaluation in the medical informatics program. February 2005
Documents Usability Services: An Introduction to Web Accessibility
Slides for a workshop taught by Teal Anderson and Cynthia York for the Welch Library course series. March 2005
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