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JH Portal Project

last modified 2009-04-16

The Sheridan Libraries and IT@JH are leading an effort to advance portal development within the University through two working groups, one focused on functional or user requirements, and one focused on technical issues.

The portal functional requirements group will define the appropriate audience or specifications for portal interoperability within the University and institution-wide. The group will work with end users or customers to identify desirable services and, in parallel, with the portal technology group that will choose an appropriate technological approach. Major reasons for moving in this direction are that our users expect more efficient, integrated, seamless, “anytime, anyplace” access to content and services as well as superior communications within and without the University.

The user group agreed with the idea of portals as information hubs, or entry points to information resources, rather than as central locations built around a specific service or administrative unit. This group’s discussion, especially related to the diverse users and needs within Hopkins, confirmed this concept of having channels or portlets that would be available (in single secure, sign-on, authenticated, and authorized modes). Given this viewpoint, the technical group will define middleware standards for portals throughout the University to share content and services through channels or portlets. For a reference implementation, which will be used to solicit specific user feedback, we will use uPortal, the open-source technology framework for portals that is being used by several universities and the Sakai project.

For questions or comments about the JHU Portal services, contact Sayeed Choudhury.

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